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A URL can be redirected for a variety of reasons, some of which are malicious. A redirect is usually required when a page is deleted, a site is relocated to a new domain, a site is switched to HTTPS, a page's URL is changed, two or more websites are consolidated into one, and so on. However, they may occasionally send you to the incorrect location, which could risk your online security. 

In any case, knowing where we're going when we click on a link is important, and you don't have to depend on tools like Where goes anymore. The Redirect checker tool will show you where the link will lead you.

How to use this tool:

This tool is incredibly easy to use. Simply paste your website's URL into the redirect checker and hit the submit button. The results will be generated within seconds and you will learn whether your site is in a good or bad state.

Benefits of this tool:

Your business, like any other, is bound to change, and this must be reflected on your website.  You can change the look of your website or switch to a different platform. However, you'll need to map the old URLs to the fresh ones if you want to keep your search engine ranking.

Imagine that you're operating an internet marketing campaign and you've sent thousands of emails to your users, only to discover that the URL that should be driving traffic to the website has a mistake. Don't worry; simply redirect the incorrect link to your site, and your consumers will be directed to the correct page.

You may want to alter your domain name for a variety of reasons. It can be difficult to educate all of your existing clients who have been visiting your site using the old URL. You can simply redirect all traffic to your different URL from your old one.

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