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About Word Counter

Word Counter is a free tool that we created to assist you in calculating the characters and the total number of words in your written text.

This free word counter tool is more than simply a tool for measuring the number of words and characters in your material. It's a powerful textual content analyzer tool.

This means this tool is really beneficial for professional writers, webmasters, content marketers, teachers and students as well. 

How to use tool:

This tool is designed in such a simple manner that it can be worth it for everyone or we can say that it is everyone’s cup of tea. You simply need to paste your content in the given space and click on the count words button. 

Results will be displayed within seconds. 

Your privacy is our first priority

Other online Word Counter Tools commonly maintain a record of your material on their servers when you use them, but we are not one of them.

When you use our tool or any of our other SEO tools, we do not keep or view your content. We assure you that your stuff is completely secure and only visible to you. This means that your content is 100% safe 

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