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Online Ping Website Tool

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About Online Ping Website Tool

We index new content quickly and easily using an online ping tool. First, enter your website or the direct URL to your most recent blog post. Then, choose a category that best represents the nature of the website. 

The Online Ping Website Tool is also the most important SEO tool. The online ping tool can assist webmasters and developers in pinging and optimizing. This will improve the performance of their website. In addition, you may use this online ping tool to ping your website to Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine; this assists in automatically telling the search engines that your blog or website have been updated.

Why do we need Online Ping tool?

As we all know that it is a great way to improve the website performance by adding content that adds value for users at regular intervals. This will not only update our website but also help our users to stay connected with us. But sometimes, Search engines take a lot of time to notice that something new happens on our site. So, why wait so much? Adding our site to the Online ping tool will notify the search engines about any update. 

How to use this tool?

Online Ping Tool by is designed in such a layman manner, so everyone can use this tool quite easily.

  • Firstly we need to open the Online Ping Tool

  • Enter your blog URL in the space provided

  • After that Enter your blog name.

  • Enter your blog updated URL which you want to be indexed or google bot’s to be crawled

  • Lastly, Enter your blog RSS feed URL, which You can find on your view source page.

  • Click on the submit button. Your Site will be successfully submitted to the ping tool. So, google search engines can easily fetch the updation in your site.