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About Google Malware Checker

Malware attacks are quite risky because they may steal information by stealthily accessing a device without the user's awareness. Malware comes in many forms, including adware, spyware, phishing, viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, rootkits, and browser hijackers. When your computer runs slower than normal, this is an indication that it has been infected with malware. You may use a free malware scanner to see if you are affected. 

Our malware checker tool comes with security that assures you that your data is protected and you can find the details of any kind of malware present on your website.

How to use this tool

To use our free malware scanner to check a website for malware, simply enter the URL of the website you wish to check for malware in the box given, click the "submit" button, and you will be routed to Google's safe surfing diagnostic page.

Advantages of this tool

The malware report will show you a list of all impacted pages as well as the likely causes of detection. If there is any suspicious script inside the material that might constitute a threat to the user's browser, the scan will display the level of threat severity. This allows the user of this online malware scanner to better comprehend the scan result for each scanned file.

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