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About Find DNS records

The DNS lookup tool provides internet access to all DNS records specified for a domain. View the most popular DNS records for any domain with this tool.

A DNS lookup is the process of translating domain names (such as into numbers known as IP addresses (like 193.420.2.1).

These numbers are used by computers to interact with one another over the Internet, but they are difficult for people to memorize and can change when network configuration changes are necessary.

How to use this tool?

If you want to locate a domain's DNS records, you must utilize an SEO tool that will fetch and display this information for you. To do so, navigate to and search for the 'Find DNS records' icon, and click on it. You may also go straight to the programme by copying and pasting into your search browser.

Enter the domain name of the website whose DNS records you wish to get. Press the 'Submit button' and the DNS records for the domain will be received in seconds. You may view all types of DNS records for a domain here.

Advantages of this tool

Obtaining and analysing DNS data is critical for webmasters. When you opt to utilize a web hosting service, you will need to know your website's IP address as well as the additional services offered by the web servers for your domain. If your internet service is sluggish, you can request that your web hosting service provider fix it.

It is the server that all web servers utilize to process a visitor's request and direct them to the appropriate site. For example, a website owner may decide to switch web hosting providers and transfer the name to a better provider.