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Save yourself the hassles that come with ignoring page size. Use the Page Size Checker tool to be sure that your site is complete with Google's best practices for mobile friendliness. Find out how big your website pages are, and get an accurate estimate of what you can expect in search engine result rankings, site visitors, and other things.

This is the one tool that can answer all your website optimization questions! Page Size Checker will tell you everything you need to know about your site - including Total page size, Page size for mobile, and more!

Reduce your bounce rates by optimizing your website size and checking the page speed of your website. A well-optimised website is a necessity in a competitive marketplace. With our free online page size checker, you can test your site's loading speed in real-time with just one click! Reveal the key insights on the website size and get an idea of how you can improve it.

How this tool works:

Do you know how to use this page size checker tool? Stripping down your page size is all you need to do. We're here to help. This amazing tool finds the size of your site, finds out where all the oversized content is, finds out how to compress it, and finds out what's wrong with it. You just need to provide the page URL you need to check and click on the submit button.

The Page size checker tool allows you to quickly measure the page size on your website, identify unnecessary content, reduce loading time, decrease data usage costs, and save bandwidth. It's the perfect tool for webmasters! You can use it to measure page size in bytes or kilobytes. 

Advantages of Page Size checker tool:

Our page size checker is just one of the many tools to check the size of your web page. What makes our tool unique is that it's not just an online tool to check website size, but it's also one of the best tools to do so. Whether you need to know your web page size for advertising purposes or for any other reason, our page size checker is an excellent choice!

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