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About Link Analyzer

Link Analyzer Tool is a useful online tool that allows you to compare your overall link profile to that of your rivals and locate web page sources that will be fantastic for generating links. Many leading search engines consider links to be indicators of reliability or votes for a specific page. Links with high-quality content also send a huge volume of the targeted high-value traffic. As a result, our free link analyzer tool is quite important. You may now use our Link Analyzer Tool to assess both the External and Internal Links that search engine crawlers can readily discover on a specific page of your site, whether you are running a routine link audit or responding to the recent Penguin update. A search engine, such as Google, spiders links to index and evaluate a website's internal link structure and the relationship between web pages.

How to use this tool

You may use our free Link Analyzer Tool, which will run a full analysis of a given webpage and provide a list of links as well as the anchor text associated with each link.

Simply input the URL of the web page you want to analyze and pick the sort of connections you want to study, such as external links, internal links, or both. 

The results will be shown in the form of a list, which will include all incoming and/or outgoing links, as well as the anchor text connected with them. When there are hyperlinked pictures on the page, the alt property of the provided image is shown as the anchor text.

Advantage of Link analytics Checker tool

Use Link Analyzer to get a competitive advantage. It's a free SEO tool. You'll get a link analysis report with valuable information about your site's internal and external links. It will help you determine what links are working well for you, which ones need improvement, and which ones are irrelevant to your SEO strategy.

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