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About Blacklist Lookup

Your Email is blacklisted! These words seem horrible for any website owner. This situation occurs,  If Email Service Provider places your Email into a spam list and blacklists them. A website seems to be blacklisted if suddenly its website traffic dropped or is probably stopped. Blacklist- lookup is a list of blocked domains that users cannot visit directly, and servers block emails from such sites.

Our free blacklist-lookup checker determines whether the URL or IP address is given is in the DNSBL database or not.

How to use this tool

To use this tool you simply need to search for blacklist-lookup by

Or paste in the URL. Now enter the URL of the website you need to check in the space provided and click on the submit button. This tool will checks if your website is on the DNSBL list. In a while, you will get the desired results.

Benefits of this Tool

There are millions of websites and gadgets that use the internet nowadays. Websites must be protected from any ransomware, virus, or hackers attack. They must also ensure that their websites are not included in any blacklists.

It is very difficult to have a website removed from a blacklist. There are techniques available to remove your website from a blacklist, but there are no such guarantees that it will 100% work. As a result, it's necessary to take precautions to keep your website out of difficulty. Never purchase links or accept free links to improve your website's rating. Search engines are quite intelligent. They will penalize your website if they discover that the connection came from a banned or suspicious site.

You must keep an eye out for them. If your site visitors/viewers complain that they can't view your website, examine it right away to make sure it hasn't been blacklisted.