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About Page Authority Checker

Sick of checking Google's page rank-- one day it's #1, the next it's #5. The truth is that your SEO techniques are not working. That's because Google has changed its ranking algorithm three times this year alone. Luckily there are other tools out there that are more accurate! Our page authority checker provides insights on how many links you have, what kind of links, and how many backlinks you need to make.

Page authority is a simple, free SEO tool using MOZ metrics to check the strength of specific pages and rank in search engines. It also helps in detecting the page value. It represents the ranking of the page from 0-100. 

How this tool works:

This tool is designed in a quite simple manner. All you need is to copy the required URL and paste it into the given input space. This tool scans the URL of your website and then shows the result within the second to help you assess how well your website is doing on Google search. With this tool, you can make sure that your SEO is going well and that you're getting good rankings. This tool should be used by any person who wants to have a successful online business.

Advantages of Page Authority Checker tool: 

You're a content writer, social media manager, or simply a blogger who wants to know about the ranking of your blog posts. PA Checker is a time-saving tool for you. It can scan your website with its exclusive Page Authority algorithm that's been developed from Google's PageRank formula. PA Checker also helps you to increase your ranking for SERPS by providing you with opportunities to identify the best SEO keywords and phrases for your website.

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