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Link Price Calculator

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About Link Price Calculator

Use this "Link Pricing Calculator" tool to get a fast and true price estimate for your link. This tool is a great option for webmasters, advertisers and website owners. This is the tool you'll need if you want to figure out how much you'll be charging or paying each month for a certain link. The SEO tool Link Price Calculator uses a proprietary algorithm to estimate the reputation of a website based on ranking and age, as well as backlinks and other factors.

This Link Price Calculator will give an estimate of how much you should charge each month for a certain URL or text link if you operate a website. Or on the other hand, if you wish to optimize your site and feel compelled to advertise it on another website, this tool can assist you in determining how much you should spend on a text link ad.

How to use this tool

This free web tool is very simple to use. You do not need to be a technical expert or no programming knowledge is necessary to determine the cost of a link.

All you have to do is type the URL into the box given and press the "Submit" button. The result will then be generated immediately.

This link Price Calculator will calculate and display the monthly link price in US dollars. 

Advantages of this tool

We all know how important backlinks are in SEO prospects. This is the reason that most web owners are ready to pay for quality backlinks rather than free links because in SEO the importance is of quality not of Quantity. You can simply use this Link Price Calculator if you want to get an idea of how much you need to spend to get a link from any popular website.

You may then proceed to negotiate with website owners or webmasters who wish to purchase or sell their links. Keep in mind that link fees vary based on the amount of traffic a website receives. If your website grows in popularity and attracts more people, the selling price of your links may rise as well. Similarly, if your website's traffic drops, so will the pricing for your links.

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