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URL Encoder / Decoder

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About URL Encoder / Decoder

The SEO Tools gives you access to the best and fast online URL Encoder/Decoder tool for free!

When adding unusual characters to a URL parameter, which is also known as percent encoding, this online URL Encoder/Decoder tool comes in handy. Unallowable characters are replaced by a percent sign and two extra hexadecimal numbers during URL encoding. If you want to determine the source of an email campaign or a newsletter, URL decoding is useful.

How to use this tool

You just need to paste a text into the space provided on this link https://theseotools.co.uk/url-encoder-decoder. Then all you have to do is click the "Submit" button, and the result will appear immediately.

When you need to convert an encoded JavaScript URL with barely legible text to a more readable text, this will come in helpful. A non-alphanumeric letter or character is usually included in the URL, which is then encoded as “%”(percent symbol), followed by a few alphanumeric texts. The "+" sign will thereafter be used to encode white spaces in a text.

Benefits of this tool

This tool is user-friendly, straightforward, and quite easy to use. Our tool is absolutely free. Because all conversations are encrypted, they are safe and secure to use. All submitted files are erased from the servers after the encoding decoding process. 

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