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About Website Links Count Checker

This Links Count Checker tool helps to verify the number of links on your web pages quickly and easily.

This tool makes your work easy by counting the number of outgoing links on certain web pages. To improve the quality of a website, website owners and webmasters must verify external connections on their web pages on a regular basis.

How to use this tool

This is a quite simple tool and using this tool is quite easy that anybody can use it easily. You just need to enter the URL in the required space and click on the submit button. 

This tool system will analyze your request and give you the desired results instantly.

Advantages of this tool

The Links Count Checker may be used for a variety of reasons, including verifying that external links are pointing to your website pages and that they are active. Excessive outbound links are not helpful for SEO, as you may well know. The program searches your website for the number of links that go to another page on the internet.

If you run a website where users may publish content and leave links to other sites, the Links Count Checker will come in handy. The entire number of links on your website, including incoming and outgoing connections, may be counted.

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