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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

The Code to Text Ratio is the percentage of actual text on a web page or we can say that actual percentage of the code. The text refers to the actual write-up on the written material on the website, whereas the code refers to the HTML code that is placed on the page. A greater text-to-HTML ratio indicates a good user experience.

With a high code-to-text ratio, your website will have a greater chance of ranking higher in search engine results. Having a higher text to HTML ratio on your website gives you an advantage over your competitors and throughout the web.

How to use this tool

This tool was developed by our professionals by keeping SEO specialists in mind to give a quick and accurate code-to-text ratio checker tool.

Insert the URL of any web page or paste it in the given space and click on the "submit" button. Our Text to HTML Ratio Checker will immediately evaluate your request and provide the results of your webpage like its Page Size, Code Size, code to text ratio, and Text Size.  

Advantages of this tool

The text to HTML ratio of a web page is the metric that search engines use to determine its relevance. Having a greater text-to-HTML ratio can also help your website rank well in search engines.

The text to code ratio is now used in many search engines algorithms, which is why website owners should look into it.

According to most SEO pros, the text to HTML code ratio is one of the most significant aspects to consider when optimizing a website. Apart from the text-to-HTML ratio, webmasters must ensure that the content on their webpage should be unique and relevant to the page header, as search engines rank pages based on this factor.